Interested in holding an event on the LVRT?

The LVRT is the perfect venue for your Organized Events (Non-Profit Only). You must obtain written approval from LVRT Board prior to hosting any event. If your nonprofit group plans on using any portion of the trail, please complete the form below in its entirety. Submit your request at least 45 days prior to the planed date.

Please know that public use of the trail does not stop for any planned event.

  • No event sponsored, organized or managed by any person or entity of any kind may be conducted on the trail without written approval of the LVRT Board.
  • Any person or entity wishing to utilize the trail for any kind of sponsored or organized event must make a written request to the Board of Directors of LVRT. (Complete and submit form)
  • Applications must be submitted 45 days in advance of requested date.
  • Only events for non-profit organizations will be considered.
  • Once approved the applicants must post a notice of the event 2 weeks in advance at each trailhead information board. All such information shall be removed within one week of event.
  • The event organizer shall arrange for event marshals to be located at each end of the event route to warn other trail users of event in progress. 100% coverage is expected.
  • Events cannot close the LVRT to other trail users.
  • LVRT is not responsible for any conflict with other trail activities.
  • All liter from the event must be picked up and removed from LVRT at event close.
  • Any start/stop locations, turn arounds, mile markers or other markings must be removable and non-permanent. No marking of trees is permitted.
  • Event organizers and participants must respect adjacent landowners.
  • For profit vendors are not permitted to use the trail. No vendors of any kind are permitted to sell food, products or services on the trail without written consent of LVRT.
  • All participants must abide by all published trail rules (see website or trailhead information boards).
  • Donation of $100 for trail maintenance is suggested. Send to: LVRT Inc., Box 2043, Cleona, PA 17042
  • Participants must be made aware of trail rules and follow them.

Trail Use Request

  • Include trail mile markers, towns, and/or trailheads.
  • Include name and policy number.
  • Please Note:

    Once we have reviewed your Trail Use Request Form, you will be notified of the approval status.

    After the event we will document the following information for future consideration:

    • Trail condition after use
    • Complaints from non-event users, if any
    • Maintenance Donation Recieved